Yesterday I had 4 bands to record and had to set up the drums,E.guitar,Vocals and A.guitar and the bass guitar.The drums used 6 different types of microphones,The 2 vocalists used the same type of mic (SHURE SM58) which is a dynamic mic. The A.guitar used a DI box, and the used 2 different types of microphones but they were both dynamic microphones.

The first group was consisted of a drummer,rapper, bass guitar,and a A.guitar.                                                                Group 1 Sam, Jack, Jamie ,Heather.

this is a AKG D112 a Dynamic mic
This is a DI box which is used for the A.guitar
This is a SM58 which was used for the vocals









The second group consisted of a drummer bass guitar E.guitar, E.guitar and vocals.     Group 2 – Jay,Olivia, Lewis ,Ali and Kayleigh.

The third group consisted of a A.guitar and 2 singers. Group 3 – Beth and Tan 

The fourth group consisted of a drummer,bass guitar,E.guitar and another E.guitar.       Group 4- Noah, Callum, Sam and Tyler 

With each group you had to record their music and help them to make sure that all of the instruments are not out of tune and that all of them and in sync with each other


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