Yesterday I had to set up the recording studio with the aim to record five of the music performance bands.  Each band was made up of drums, the vocals, A.guitar, E.guitar and finally bass.

Setting up the drums…

For the drums we used various types of microphones. For the kick we used an a AKG D112 as it is versatile also it gives the sound a unique punchy sound also it is designed for bass instruments . The other microphone I used was a Shure sm57 which is the same as akg d112 as they are both Dynamic mics.  

On logic I set up 16 tracks on a new project so that I can get each sound from each instrument to a different track. There were 5 groups and for each group they could only choose 1 track for me to record, however things didn’t go exactly to plan as some of the recordings missed out some of the sound from different instruments and there was no coordination between the tech students and the performance players. 

samson-s-direct-di-box-1024x1024  we used this DI box for the bass.

shure-sm57This is a shure sm57 that we used.


band 1 involved of drum kit, 3 vocals, bass and a E.guitar.- It took ages to get a recording because no one was communicating, however we did get a recording but some of the instruments just went quiet.

band 2 consisted of a E.guitar, 2 vocals, drum kit and bass.- 





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