This week we started to look at synthesis and sampling. One of the first things we looked at was the variety of options of the synthesiser. this picture shows the ES1 a synth on logic. The ES1 is a subtractive synth and is made up of the OSCILLATOR,ENVELOPE,AMPLIFIER,FILTER and LFO. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.29.52.png

Oscillator-The Oscillator generates the sound using present waveforms as the basis or stating point for the sound. on the Es1 there are 2 oscillators and has a choice of square waves, sawtooth, triangle waves or sine waves.

Amplifier-The amplifier is used to control the output of the volume of the synth.Also you can control the range of volume you can have by moving the tow blue arrows up and down.

Filter-the Filter is a modifier and changes the sound by removing frequencies from the original wave form.On the ES1 you have a low pass filter which when closed it removes the higher frequencies.Also the filter can control tone via the cutoff dial with the resonance.

LFO-LFOs provide control of three main parameters; the wave shape, its rate and its amount. With these controls, you can radically change your vibrato effect. Subtractive synthesisers often provide more than one LFO so that you can control modules with different wave shapes, rates and amounts but the concept is always the same.



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