PROPOSED TITLE: Who was Bartolomeo Cristofori in relation to the history of the Piano?

RATIONALE FOR THE STUDY: The Reason why I want to research this topic is that I am interested and intrigued about this subject and at the moment I have very little knowledge about this subject.

RESEARCH AIM: By undertaking this research what I am hoping to do is hopefully get most of my questions answers and keen to find more about the subjects as well with the questions and the specific information or questions I hope to have answered are?

I- what was Bartolomeo Cristofori profession?

II- how is he significant to the piano?

III- what instruments did Bartolomeo make?

IV- why was the Harpsichord Replaced by the Piano?

To find the answers to these questions I will be looking at who invented the piano and when it was invented

PROPOSED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: My research methodology will consist of secondary research,Most of my secondary research will be from Looking at books, electronic documents.


Norman (2015) Norman music instruments “10 interesting facts about the piano” { accessed on October 15th 2017}

The piano: the pianofortes of Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731)

Metropolitan museum of art

{Accessed on October 28th 2017}

M Cazaubon

{Accessed on October 29th 2017}

Research Timeline…. 

Date – Month/Week Activity to be completed – Notes –

Still to do….



13TH October






First of all I am going to start and look at some websites for part of my secondary research to find out some more information on the topic.

However I need to make sure that the information is reliable so I would need use a CRAAP test



20th October 2017



Next I am going to start making a list of the websites that I have seen and use them for my bibliography.

I am going to look into specific questions on the subject so that I can narrow down my search, which will make it easier for to find the information.


27th October 2017




I will still be collecting data for my research so that I can gather more information to test against what I have already collected

3rd November 2017



Analysis of data

I have analysed all of the data that I have collected for my research.

10th November



Analysis of data/start up writing

I am starting to now write up parts of my research I have collected.

17th November 2017


Research write up


Now I am starting to piece all of my research and write about the project.

                                                      Research Project 

Abstract- The aims of the research was to find out about the history of the piano and learn more about this subject and also increase my knowledge as well the findings for my topic was good and I found a lot of information about it.

Methodology- The methods I used to collect the information were looking at websites, Electronic Documents and book to find some of my research and for my primary research I used questionnaires to find out what people knew about the topic I am researching.The reason why I chose to look at books and websites etc., was that I could learn more about the history for my self but also it can answer the questions I don’t know the answer to.For secondary research the limitations I had were that for each website I had to make sure that the information was reliable so the only to find out that was with a CRAAP test.

Findings- First of all to find the answer my main question I had to answer the sub questions so then they will lead me to the answer to the main question.

When I was researching on my topic of the history of the piano I found out that Bartolomeo Cristofori was an Italian instrument maker and that he was the inventor of the piano and the importance of the piano became by the last quarter of the 18th century was that it was a leading Instrument of western art music. It has originated from a harpsichord and since has taken on different forms of grand piano, upright piano, digital pianos and finally keyboards and synthesizers as well as hybrid pianos. The piano is one of the most popular music instruments in the world. It is used in many style of music from pop to classical to jazz. The piano has the widest range of tones extending lower than a 16 foot pedal note on an organ and higher than the top note of a piccolo. Plus, it is one of the few instruments that can play accompaniment and melody at the same time, making it a complete, independent instrument. The modern Piano is a highly versatile instrument capable of playing almost anything a orchestra can play. Furthermore the piano is affected by humidity temperature location changes and direct sunlight exposure.

Conclusion-In conclusion what I have learnt about the piano is that the piano was invented at the start of the 18th century by and Italian harpsichord maker called Bartolommeo Cristofori and that the piano was the leading instrument in the last quarter of the 18th century for western art music.



Annotated PDF Files

 The Piano_ The Pianofortes of Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731) _ Essay _ Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History _ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Interesting Facts About The Piano _ Normans News